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Spring is in the air!

We are now accepting new accounts for Mowing and Dock Installations.

We are booking up for camp Jacking and Leveling.

Tired of Jacking and leveling your camp?
alk to us about putting the camp on a foundation.
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Construction Projects for the summer are also booking up.

We are a one stop shop for all your needs in Rangeley.

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Burgess Construction LLC.
PO Box 426
Rangeley, ME 04970
(207) 864-5175

Log Cabin Jacking, Leveling and Restoration in Rangeley Lakes Region of ME

We take pride in restoring historic log cabins in the mountains of Maine.

We start by evaluating the cabin and coming up with a plan to fix what is broken. We hand pick and shape trees to fit in the place of old rotten logs. A lot of cabins are sitting in the ground and require lifting and pulling plumb, level and square. We haven’t found a cabin we couldn’t repair!

Services include:

  • Log Cabin Jacking
  • New Foundations
  • Post & Pad

Camp Jacking Rangeley and Oquossoc Maine